I was born in 1975, in Trzebnica near Wrocław. For the past 12 years I have lived in Oslo, Norway. I have been associated with the artistic environment at Flytårnet Kultursenter at Fornebu, Norway since summer 2017.

I consider myself the creator of atroism. A.T.R.O. it is short for "Aesthetically Trash Recycling Objects" - a common name for my works. By mixing techniques such as assemblage, collage, relief, painting and prints I create vivid compositions constructed of unneeded objects saved from the flames of the power plant - fragments of paper, textiles, plastic objects, sand, hair, metal, coffee and strings. Everything becomes a synthetic part of the picture as a physical object or as a print of the shape - "a shadow", as I call it myself. The main idea of A.T.R.O. is recycling. I paint on old fibreboards, plywood plates, table tops and used canvases (often damaged) found in the garbage dump or bought at flea markets: "A new life has been given".

I give my statement as en artist in the short movie "A.T.R.O.NOME".

Darius Wojdyga


Quidquid discis, tibi discis.

Phone:     (+47) - 96698313


Oslo, Norway