Darius Wojdyga (born 1975, Trzebnica near Wrocław, Poland) has lived in Oslo for the past 12 years. Photographer, musician, filmmaker, traveler and artist; Wojdyga has been associated with the artistic environment at Gamle Fornebu Cultural Center since the summer of 2017.


Darius Wojdyga considers himself the creator of atroism. A.T.R.O. it is short for "Aesthetically Trash Recycling Objects" - a common name for his works. By mixing techniques such as assemblage, collage, relief and painting, Darius Wojdyga creates vivid compositions constructed of unnecessary objects saved from the flames of the power plant - fragments of paper, textiles, plastic objects, sand, hair, metal, coffee and strings. Everything becomes a synthetic part of the picture as a physical object or as a print of the shape - "a shadow", as the artist calls it himself. The main idea of A.T.R.O. is recycling. Dariusz Wojdyga paints on old fibreboards, plywood, table tops and used canvases (often damaged) found in the garbage dump or bought at flea markets.

"A new life has been given" - comments the artist.

He gives his statement as en artist in the short movie A.T.R.O.NOME.



Darius Wojdyga


Quidquid discis, tibi discis.

Phone: (+47) - 96698313


Oslo, Norway