In the short movie I proclaim my statement about my own approach to art, to the attitudes of people in the world of art, I pose critical question marks to institutions shaping the functioning of art in the world, determining the contents, valors and values of art in the world, and deciding about what the art is, and who deservs for the exceptional and glorifying state of being "the artist".

Director: Dariusz Wojdyga;

Screenwriter and concept: Dariusz Wojdyga;

Production: 333FACTORY and FV Studio;

THE THIEF UPCYCLED is a short timelaps showing the proces of creating upcycling artpiece. In this case I try to make it clear the way I often work, how I get inspiration, where I get the materials from and what is the idea with A.T.R.O. and the upcycling concept in it.

Production: 333FACTORY;


A music video made for my band FOUCALT (PL/NO) for the song LOST PEOPLE from the second album from FOUCALT titlet LOST PEOPLE; A great production showing beautifull landskapes in Norway at winter time. A story about group of people, a tribe (mankind) lost in the world of unknown, wandering blindly in the forests of ideas. Their binding point is a relieff, a symbol of their bolievs, a form of religiosity, and the main reason of misunderstanding, disintegration, fight and madness.

Direction: Dariusz Wojdyga, Marek Chojna;

Screenwriter: Dariusz Wojdyga, Marek Chojna;

Production: FOUCALT and FV Studio;


A music video from my band FOUCALT to the song INOUT from the album LOST PEOPLE. A question mark over who is there to decide about what you do, what you think and what is your personality. It ends up showing, that the subject, the object, and the one who asks is just the same YOU.

Direction: Dariusz Wojdyga, Marek Chojna;

Screenwriter and concept: Dariusz Wojdyga, Marek Chojna;

Production: FOUCALT and FV FACTORY; 


Animation for the song UNITED FORCES from the fist FOUCALT album titled SELLING DEATH. Stop-motion made in a home studio.

Dir, screen, conscept, prod: 333FACTORY;