Phone:     (+47) 96698313


Oslo, Norway

   I am Oslo based visual artist. Currently I am studying at Oslo National Academy Of The Arts,  MFA at Art and Craft - Metal art and Art jewellery departement. 


I work multidisciplinary, with strong emphasis on ecological aspects and reusing materials. It includes the terms of re/up-cycling, rethinking, reassignment and re-representation. 

   My work is driven by interest in the material, the possibility of its processing and transformation. I work mostly with materials and objects identified as unneeded, spent, disposable, overlooked and taken for granted. I want to encourage to review our priorities, undermining assumptions about what counts as desirable by transmitting a new value in what’s everyday and ordinary. „A new life is given !!!” - I assume,  and besides my own interpreting suggestions I leave a space to the potential viewer to put a new value and meaning into the object and to implement personal statements, attitudes and stories. 

   With my works I try to establish the relationship between the object, its creator, its user and the environment in which the object is situated. For me art is an attitude, a gesture announcing performative approach, creating a powerful and direct visually communicating resonance with surrounding and the viewers. 


   I give my statement as en artist in the short movie "A.T.R.O.NOME".