I was born in 1975 in Poland. From the year 2005 I have lived and worked in Oslo, Norway. From 1998 i was associated with an indipendent art group FORMALINA in Poland. Our shows, concerts, exhibitions and performances were the galloping wild hors of reinless creativeness of the outsiders on the ground of institutionalized art world. From the year 2017 I have been associated with the artistic environment at FlytÃ¥rnet Kultursenter at Fornebu, Norway. Currently I am studying at Oslo National Academy Of The Arts, Metal and Jewlry BFA at Art and Craft departement. 

My keyword is sustainability. Although the topic is overused today, I still think that such a perspective seems extremely important now because of the didactic role, awareness raising and thus increasing the chance of including the matter in public discourse. The main concept in my artistic business is called "A.T.R.O." and that is short for Aesthetically Trash Recycling Objects. Through mixed techniques, I create colorful compositions constructed from "found objects" ranging from paper pieces, textiles, plastic objects, sand, hair, metal, coffees, ropes and the like. All this becomes a synthetic part of images. As the bottom, I use old countertops, damaged canvas, cardboard, wooden boards that I find in the garbage. I use all kinds of paint found in the garbage. The main idea in A.T.R.O. series is recycling or perhaps more precisely "upcycling", where materials are not only reused, but through creative processes transformed into new forms and together with other components create new products with higher aesthetic and environmental value. Through my works, I try to explore lines of connection between the aesthetic and what was considered waste, relationships between the beautiful and what was considered worthless. Also want to create the starting point for reflection on today's overproduction problems and excessive use of materials and energy. The same principles I apply in my jewelry and sculptural projects.

   In the pictures it seems to be a world of chaos, but it reflects our daily overload dose of stimulators where the content, continuity and understanding disappear into a wealth of information. The titles sometimes impose interpretations, but in most cases they take the form of the product's serial number.
I work also with the standard type of jewellery or sculptural materials, metals like silver, gold, copper, brass and valuable stones. I give my statement as en artist in the short movie "A.T.R.O.NOME"

    I travel between different art forms, like drowing, photography, collage, jewelry, film and music. Trying not to stay comfortable in just one box, being unstopable in searching for new experimentations and axploitations of unknown materials, forms and actions. 

I give my statement as en artist in the short movie "A.T.R.O.NOME".


Phone:     (+47) 96698313


Oslo, Norway